Stories That Make History

In a distant village of the Peruvian highlands , the desire to vindicate nature is born. We are creating one of the softest and warmest elements on earth. The perfect complement that will make you love winter more and more every year.

We believe that the best things are made by people with feelings , and not by great automated machines. We assure you, when you bundle up, wrap, and cuddle yourself in your Alpaca mi alma goods, you will be sure that there is love in every stitch.

We combine our passion for design with Peru’s cultural mysticism. Our soulful, one-of -a- kind pieces are inspired by ancestral traditions. Syncretism and tradition, fusion work to forget he old with the new: fibers, knits, embroideries, seams, elements, and colors that dance and converse, that bring us closer to the essence of our past and project us into the future.

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